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Jupiter’s magnetic field is dependent on the wind

The researchers compared data from past NASA missions to Jupiter. Probe Juno in orbit around the gas giant in 2016, found a noticeable change of its magnetic field, compared with the pattern that was was a “Pioneer” and “Voyager” in the 70-ies of the last century. Obviously, this puts Jupiter …

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NASA showed a “marble” Jupiter

Images taken by the spacecraft “Juno”This photo of Jupiter scientists have formed on the basis of three separate photos taken by the spacecraft “Juno” from NASA, when he flew past the gas giant. The probe has an onboard color camera, allowing scientists to have the opportunity to create their own …

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On Jupiter detected a potential volcano

Juno was at a distance of about 470000 kilometers from the satellite. The device Juno, which studied Jupiter using the instrument Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper, found a new heat source near the South pole of the moon IO that could indicate a previously undiscovered volcano on a small moon of …

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NASA showed how look blue stains the clouds of Jupiter

Shot of the day. The photo was taken by the space probe “Juno” with a distance of almost 19 thousand kilometers from the gas giant. Aerospace control NASA has published the clouds of Jupiter in bright blue shades. Photo taken from the space probe “Juno.” The picture was taken at …

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