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Scientists call a sign of impending death

Women who have been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease was 43% higher. American scientists came to the conclusion that restless legs syndrome (PRS), which in a lying or sitting position there are unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities, associated with an increased risk …

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What smells indicate impending damage to the car

Is that a deodorant will not get off. In the interior of your car smells bad? Maybe you just forgot in the back seat shape or a half-eaten sandwich. But sometimes the reason is much more serious, and one deodorant will not get off. The smell of “burning carpet” Possible …

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Kiev has warned of an impending rise in metro

The rise in price in Kyiv is inevitable. Metro may again increase because of a debt of UAH 2 bn. This became known during the last hearing between the KP “Kiev underground” and the company gave metro leasing cars. The representative of the KSCA said, to pay the debt will …

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Musk has warned on the impending disaster mankind

The world population will face two problems. “The world population tends to collapse, but hardly anyone sees it or cares about it,” — commented on Twitter, the businessman, the publication New Scientist. In November 2016, the publication presented an article in which there are concerns about the future of the …

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