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Russia set to unveil new hypersonic weapons – Putin

Speaking to gathered experts, Putin called the development of high-speed missiles as a “necessary” response to “Western actions.” “We have already successfully conducted tests, and from the beginning of the year we will have in service a sea-based hypersonic missile of Mach 9,” Putin said. Although he didn’t name the …

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Better pronoun usage won’t help US counter hypersonic missiles, congressman says, urging intelligence to focus on security threats

During a House Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday on diversity in the security agencies, the committee’s ranking member cautioned that the “utterly destructive” politicization of America’s national security apparatus had “severely eroded trust” in its institutions and distracted from its mission to counter the “international threat matrix.” Noting that this “tendency” …

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US hypersonic weapon test derailed by rocket failure – reports

The Pentagon’s attempted test launch of a hypersonic weapon suffered a “setback” when a booster rocket carrying the weapon failed to lift off, according to people with knowledge of the test launch. The test was supposed to “validate aspects of one of the Pentagon’s hypersonic glide vehicles in development,” according …

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