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WADA – it’s a cult designed to destroy an honest sport

You don’t believe that WADA bunch of cultists, with the goal of killing a fair sport competitions, where the winners are determined through a fair fight? And for good reason. After all, what is a sect? In the classic sense is a group of people, separated from traditional religions and …

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We are proud, honest and live under the asphalt

We are more honest than people in USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Greece and Portugal, not to mention a bunch of Asian and Latin American countries. So says a fresh academic article in the journal Science answered a very simple question: if you lost your wallet, you will give it or …

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There is a triad of “smart, honest, party”?

I do not see anything more spiritual, noble and practical than the great Categorical imperative of Kant, which is not to say, because usually it is not like authoritarian Leaders. Yes, man is born free and everyone personally all should be responsible for their own individual ethical choice no matter …

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Love honest illustrations of American artist. Photo

Work Amanda Oleander. Love is not just loud words and wide gestures. She hides in little moments — fooling around in bed, snore in front of the TV or Breakfast in bed on Sundays. Artist Amanda Oleander (Oleander Amanda) from Los Angeles embodies these moments on paper. She takes inspiration …

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MP Nayyem called honest Ukrainian politicians

Nye said that in Ukraine very few honest politicians.Honest Ukrainian politician of high level can be called Viktor Pynzenyk. The people’s Deputy from BPP Mustafa Nayem said live. “For me it’s the person who really has come a long way… I would now doubt find such people… Perhaps in time, …

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