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The worst crash in the history of mankind. Photo

The plane crash and loss of life is always a surprise and a shock. But some catastrophe, the mind refuses to accept, and for weeks and months after the incident even absolutely extraneous people feel fear and cold in the chest, when talking about them. These crash – one of …

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Child monarchs who changed the course of history. Photo

They felt the power too early. Perhaps, in childhood, each of us wanted to be king. But the history knows many cases when children, due to certain circumstances, became the rulers. But the burden of power and Palace intrigue not everyone is able to experience painless. This review presents children …

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Pokemon Go will get the biggest update in its history

Cult game Pokemon Go continues to receive regular updates. Popular mobile games will soon get its biggest update in its history. Game developer, the company Niantic, announced that within a few days the game will have 80 new pokemon. Moreover, unlike the pokémon from the recent update, players had to …

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The strongest hurricanes in the history of mankind. Photo

Killer hurricanes with beautiful names. Barbara, Charlie, Francis, sandy, Katrina is not the people, and the murderous winds. The word “hurricane” comes from the name of an Indian God fear of Hurakan. Such a disaster starts over the ocean, rocking from the storm before the storm when wind speeds exceed …

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