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Wildlife in the hilarious pics

They also know how to surprise. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards — photo contest unusual. Here, the jury will select the funniest pictures of animals from around the world that the authors of the images provided with the appropriate signatures. 1. In the ambush. (Photo Mike Rowe | Comedy Wildlife Photo …

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Hilarious ad, causing a lot of questions

They are able to convey their thoughts. There, having read the announcement on the door and realize that someone is missing a real literary genius. Otherwise, how else can one explain the fact that the author managed to turn a couple of lines of text into a masterpiece, which intertwined …

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Hilarious demotivators for all occasions

Give yourself a smile. Deadly demotivators that lights up your everyday work. Take a rest from the hard work along with our humorous collection. Forget about troubles and enjoy the excellent sense of humor. Pleasant viewing! A little more positive in your life.

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Hilarious pictures of people who are slightly unlucky

When the day has gone awry. Heavy and bad days happen to all, but “lucky” in our article already in the morning something went wrong. Use shaving cream instead of toothpaste? Easy! Drop the phone in the oatmeal? Done! But believe me, things could be worse. We have collected for …

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Hilarious: Russia staged a fashion show straitjackets

Designers decided not to restrain imagination. In Tomsk at the festival of young art presented a collection of straitjackets. According to local TV channel “TV2”, the clothes were created under sketches of artist Alexander Kolpakov and designer of Lolita. In the collection of the art of Sleep-Sleep 12 models under …

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