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YouTube blocks videos & hands strikes to RT’s English & German channels over alleged Covid-19 disinformation

On Friday, four videos on RT’s main English-language channel were made inaccessible for viewers for what YouTube said were violations of its policies on “medical misinformation” and “spam, deceptive practices and scams.” In its notification letter, the platform didn’t specify what exact content in those clips went against its regulations. …

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‘Best kind of fishing!’: People pick herring with bare hands as thousands thrown ashore in Sakhalin, Russia (VIDEOS)

Videos of Pacific herring covering Sakhalin’s south-western coastline were posted online on Sunday. What looks like thousands of fish, both moving and still, can be seen ashore, with excited men walking among them. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Дмитрий Лисицын (@lisitsyn_sakhalin) Local ecologist Dmitry Lisitsyn, who …

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America’s future is in the hands of woefully inept cretins at a time when creativity and innovation are needed more than ever

Americans with more power and connections than sense have rushed forward over the last year, attempting to seize the right to ‘fix’ a society broken by shockingly stupid responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. Entire generations are being rendered suicidally depressed, unemployable, hopelessly alienated, and worse, while the likelihood that the current …

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