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Russia demands Black Sea corridor guarantees from Ukraine

Kiev should provide “real guarantees” that it would not use the Black Sea corridor created as part of an Istanbul grain deal in its military activities, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a phone conversation on Tuesday. The two were discussing the circumstances that could …

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Germany comments on potential security guarantees for Kiev

Security guarantees for Ukraine will be inferior to those afforded to NATO members, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday. In an interview with ARD radio, Scholz said Berlin has been discussing the issue of security guarantees with its “close friends,” and the process is ongoing. “It is clear that …

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NATO comments on nuclear guarantees for Russia

The US-led NATO alliance is not inclined to give Russia any security guarantees on the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territories of its two prospective members, Finland and Sweden, Deputy Secretary-General Camille Grand has said. “Every country is free in the nuclear field to deploy or not to deploy …

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Ukraine sets out how security guarantees could work

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday that security guarantees for his country should empower guarantor countries to make a decision within a day. During the last in-person meeting between the Ukrainian and Russian negotiators in Istanbul, Kiev had propose an international agreement along such lines.  Speaking to Polish journalists amid …

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Russia comments on security guarantees for all European states

Moscow wants security guarantees for all European nations, not just Ukraine and Russia, the country’s foreign minister told journalists on Friday. During peace talks with Russia, Kiev has confirmed it is prepared to become a non-aligned country in exchange for legally binding security guarantees. Following talks with his Indian counterpart, …

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US and Germany reveal positions on Ukrainian security guarantees

Germany is “100%” prepared to provide some form of security guarantees to Ukraine, while the US government is still “in constant discussion” with Kiev, according to officials from both countries. The comments came, on Wednesday, after leaked proposals from Russian-Ukrainian peace talks appeared to suggest an arrangement where Moscow and various …

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Russia needs security guarantees – Putin

In an increasingly “turbulent and tense” global diplomatic climate, Russia needs to receive legally binding security guarantees from the US-led NATO military bloc, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. In a warm congratulatory statement published for Diplomatic Worker’s Day, Putin also tasked employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with …

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Russia should give the West security guarantees – Ukraine

Rather than demanding assurances from Washington and NATO, Russia should provide the West with security concessions instead, Ukraine’s foreign minister has insisted, as tensions flare across Eastern Europe. Speaking as part of a NATO ministerial meeting of the Bucharest Nine on Thursday, Kiev’s top diplomat, Dmitry Kuleba, said it was …

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