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As US troops are flown out of Afghanistan, the graveyard of great empires is now once again at the center of a battle for Eurasia

In early July, American and coalition forces left Bagram Airfield, once Washington’s largest base of operations in Afghanistan. Already at 90% completion, the withdrawal is expected to be concluded by August 31, 2021, ahead of President Joe Biden’s initial September 11 deadline. Meanwhile, Taliban forces are advancing, recapturing and, crucially, …

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Kiev shocked “graveyard” of Christmas trees

In the middle of Kiev are felled young trees In Kiev after New year’s along the ring road formed a “graveyard” of young firs and pines. The corresponding photos are published Kiev, Oleksiy School on his page on the social network Facebook. “Hello, tree, New year. Yes? Fiends! It’s only …

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Visionaries saw the moon in a graveyard full of UFOs

The disputed discovery is actively discussed. UFO found on the moon a graveyard of alien ships. Supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations shared the results of observing the surface of Earth’s natural satellite with the public. They noted that on the surface of the moon you can see the …

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Drought turned the river into a sad graveyard. Photo

It’s an eerie sight. Pilcomay river located on the border of two States, Paraguay and Argentina. The once deep river suffered the largest in several decades of drought and the death of not only its inhabitants but also animals from ranches in the surrounding area — they just don’t have …

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In Canada put up for sale a graveyard of cars

On the site there are 340 vehicles.In the canadian province of British Columbia near the city of Tappen has exposed on sale of the cemetery of cars, occupying two hectares. The announcement posted on the website of real estate company Century 21, drew attention to the edition Driving. For more …

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