Monday , May 17 2021
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Hillary wants a ‘global reckoning’ with social media ‘disinformation’ as apparently just banning conservatives isn’t enough

In a new interview with The Guardian, Clinton had two targets in her sights: conservatives and Big Tech. Clinton called for a “global reckoning” over “the disinformation, with the monopolistic power and control, with the lack of accountability that the platforms currently enjoy.” The former secretary of state takes particular …

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‘Recklessly upping global tensions’, ‘failing on unity’, ‘good for leftist totalitarians’: The verdicts on Biden’s first 100 days

Michael McCaffrey 100 days of business-as-usual Biden: Meet the new boss… same as the old boss. Whether it’s a hillbilly lothario, a silver-spooned faux cowboy, a community-organizing con man, a pompous pompadoured reality TV buffoon, or a dead-eyed, hair-sniffing establishment towel boy from Delaware on the throne, the American empire …

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