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Russia threatens to expand the geography of hostilities.

Pro-Russian militants went on the offensive. The intensification of hostilities in the Donbass connected with the project, the fictitious state of “little Russia”. This element of political and military pressure of Russia on Ukraine, because in the so-called “concept” indicates that the boundaries of “the Ukraine” covers the entire territory …

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Damn globe: to test the knowledge of the horror of geography

Confess, truant in school geography lessons? The ones where the teacher was forced to come to the Board and show the map of a distant country. Or worse – forced to call their capital! It was sometimes informative, sometimes fun (especially if classmates told wrong) and sometimes scary (if you …

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New Russian textbooks on geography angered Ukrainians

The accomplice on the geography of the events of 2014 described as a “coup d’etat”. In the textbook for Russian schoolchildren in grades 10-11 the Ukrainian government has called a “neo-fascist”. The authors of an accomplice in geography, edited by the late academician Vladimir Maksakovka believe that the events of …

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Ukrainian MPs amused with his knowledge of geography

The journalist of ICTV Dasha Selfi gave MPs a real exam on geography. Some members are unable to name the capital of Switzerland (Bern. – Ed.) mixed UK flag of Scotland, and mistakenly called Ireland Mexico. By the way, the story of Dasha’s Selfie has caused a resonance network. The …

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