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Ukraine on its knees in front of Russia – ex PM

Speaking in an interview with Nash TV Channel, Yulia Timoshenko, who now sits as an opposition MP, claimed that Ukraine has neither extracted its own gas nor planned to use its own coal supplies. “All of the essentials needed for the heating period have not been provided, which means that …

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Why is it so difficult to form a united front against wokeism?

The inexorable rise of wokeism – the culture war and cancel culture – appears unstoppable mainly because its opposition remains incoherent and fragmented. In one sense, this is inevitable.   The main protagonists of the culture war very rarely lay out their cause systematically.   As leading intellectual Frank Furedi points out …

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Outrage as Russian tik-toker shakes her booty in front of mosque

The model, named Daria Pepelyayeva, angered locals by suggestively posing in skin-tight pants outside the Kul Sharif Mosque, news website KazanFirst reported. According to the outlet, the woman took down the TikTok video after people online called her behavior “shameful” and said she should be prosecuted under the law that …

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