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Putin flies over to the Arab oil sheikhs

The Russian foreign Ministry is preparing a visit of Vladimir Putin to the Gulf monarchies, which in these States pre-sent Minister Sergei Lavrov. He has already managed to visit three countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. The Arabs carry everything from aircraft to missiles Middle East tour Sergei Lavrov …

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Flies to the Earth asteroid in the shape of a skull

The object will approach our planet on Halloween. October 10, 2015 the experts from the Observatory Pan-STARRS was observed asteroid 2015 TB145. After 21 days, i.e. on October 31, he approached the Earth at a very low distance of 480 thousand km on this day people celebrated Halloween, so the …

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Russia flies a giant meteorite

Under attack may be Samara, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Clarifies that the opinions of scholars regarding alleged damage to the Land was divided. Western astronomers said that the planet at great speed sent a huge meteorite. Its weight is about 20 thousand tons and a diameter greater than 25 …

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Flies to the Earth asteroid threat

Scientists project that flies to the Earth a huge asteroid. According to scientists, 12 October to Land close to a huge asteroid, which is a danger to people around the world. Experts hope that this time everything will be. Scientists project that flies to the Earth a huge asteroid. They …

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“Lord of the flies” – only with girls!

Recently, we are increasingly forced to wonder about those or other controversial decisions of Hollywood producers – they will choose a black actor to play a character who in the original were white, the floor will be replaced by someone known to the heroes. And you start to resent how, …

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Flies to the Earth a giant asteroid, scientists

The Earth is approaching asteroid the size of a house.An asteroid the size of a house will pass close to Earth in October. It is reported that huge space boulder pass at a distance of 44 thousand kilometers from our planet and crosses the orbit of the moon. It is …

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