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Notable facts about the Stakhanovites

That we, the citizens of modern Russia, known about the Stakhanovite movement and the Stakhanovites? As a rule, different stories, representing workers-Stakhanovites puppets “party functionaries” or materialistic businessmen, or by both simultaneously. If records are inflated, specially prepared and are essentially mindless rush. The situation is presented in such a …

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Interesting facts about LCD “Kvartal Alley” in Brovary

LCD kvartal alley Brovary otzyvy search of a modern comfortable housing investors turn to the study of various building portals and sites. To choose the best apartment, you need to consider following important points: • the class of accommodation (economy, comfort, business) – it depends on the level of amenities …

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Surprising facts about the most popular attractions. Photo

They still have something to surprise tourists. Many of the most famous landmarks in the world are iconic symbols of times past, and think they know everything already. However, despite their popularity, there are some unique but little known facts about these world-famous landmarks that attract tourists from all corners …

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Interesting facts about the famous Alcatraz. Photo

About this prison legends. March 21, 1963 the last 27 inmates ever left the famous prison Alcatraz. According to the official version, this was done because of too high costs for the maintenance of prisoners on the island. Today this place is considered one of the most famous prisons in …

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