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Find the cause of the extinction of bees

Bees are important for pollination of plants. Canadian, British and German scientists the first large-scale European study confirmed that neonicotinoid adversely affect the bee population. Two of the relevant work published in the journal Science. In the first study, the researchers observed for the three types of bees that lived …

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The Amazon basin is threatened with extinction

Scientists from around the world predict impending disaster in the Amazon.They calculated the index DEVI to different areas of the Amazonian lowlands. It ranges from 0 to 100. A value of 100 means that the ecosystem is completely destroyed. As noted in the study higher values DEVI (80) have on …

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How would the world after human extinction. Photo

Without people would have changed everything. Have you thought someday, how many people will last on Earth, or how and when people will die? The question of whether humanity will disappear or not, is being discussed quite actively, much less attention is paid to possible effects on human extinction. So, …

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Named animals, which threatens mass extinction

African lions are threatened with extinction.In a new study conducted by the Oxford research group to study wildlife, said that African lions are in danger of extinction, as their ancestors — sabre-toothed tigers. A team of scientists investigated the cause of the disappearance of big cats from the ice age. …

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The causes of the recent mass extinction

To such conclusions scientists came after computer reconstruction of the events in the mantle.Canadian and American Geophysics has revealed new details of the last great extinction, which is associated with the formation of the Deccan traps ( one of the largest volcanic formations on Earth – ed) in India. The …

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