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Stephen Hawking has predicted the extinction of mankind

According to British physicist, this will happen to the year 2600. British physicist Stephen Hawking predicted the disappearance of mankind on Earth by the year 2600. The scientist believes that until then the population will increase and energy consumption increase, so that the planet will resemble to this point, “the …

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Scientists have learned the true cause of dinosaur extinction

The asteroid is the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. With the help of latest technology, American scientists have identified the cause, which began the extinction of the superorder of reptiles – dinosaurs. American scientists by computer simulation found that an asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, filling …

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In Japan, sounding the alarm over extinction of fossil animals

In India also observed similar phenomena.Experts warn about mass death fossil animal, which retains its appearance 450 million years and survived the Permian extinction, during which 95% of the animals were destroyed. Horseshoe crabs belong to the species arthropods and got its name for spoorthy tail. Over the past century, …

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Scientists predict a mass extinction event of animals

The study raises questions about the effects of human activities The next mass extinction may start in 2100 because of the high level of carbon dioxide in the oceans. This was reported by geophysicist Daniel Rothman from the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The researchers analyzed changes in the carbon cycle …

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The causes of extinction antisemi

For a long time among scientists it was believed that the Earth is its antipode, which was named Antinella. So far it has failed to find, so experts began to put forward versions about the reasons why this object could disappear. Various scientific publications publish information that will Antisamy was …

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Planet Nibiru can save humanity from extinction

Humanity will be saved from the disaster on Planet X.Planetaservice the opinion of world experts in the field of space, beyond the orbit of Pluto is located unknown to modern science planet X, which in the distant future will be able to save humanity from extinction. According to the world’s …

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