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In Egypt there was a firefight, a lot of victims

In a shootout in Cairo, killing 14 policemen In Egypt, in the South-West of Cairo the shooting occurred, killing 14 policemen. “According to Egyptian security officer, 14 police officers were killed during a firefight with insurgents in the South-West of Cairo,” the statement reads. According to the publication, the exchange …

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Named the real reason for the collapse of Ancient Egypt

Researchers have solved the mystery of the fall of civilization, which thrived for 40 centuries. A team of researchers from different countries have solved the mystery of the decline of 40 centuries a prosperous civilization.The prosperity of Ancient Egypt depended on the Nile. However, the river was led by unpredictable …

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In Egypt found the statue of the wife of Pharaoh

This is the second significant discovery Egyptologists on the Queen of Anjasmara II over the past few weeks. During excavations in Egypt, was discovered the head of the statue of the Queen of Anneclaire. The statue was created about four thousand years ago. Mostafa Vaziri, Secretary General of the Egyptian …

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In Egypt the shooting occurred, many dead and wounded

The attack killed six people, another 17 were injured It is reported that unknown persons came to the Bank branch of “al-Ahly” on a stolen car and several motorcycles. Some of the criminals broke into the Bank, others began to shoot at the police post located next to the Church. …

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In Egypt executed 13 militants

Death sentence is directed for approval to the Council of Muftis. In the Egyptian criminal court has sentenced to death 13 accused in the case of “Organization of the Egyptian Legion”. “The criminal court of Giza in Egypt, headed by counselor Moatasem khafājī, on Sunday decided to refer 13 accused …

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Mystery of the ancient pyramids of Egypt

As in Egypt the pyramids were builtArchaeologists have unearthed an ancient papyrus scroll in the complex of the pyramids of Giza, the remains of boats and waterways, which contains detailed information about the construction of the famous pyramid of Cheops. In the papyrus (“the oldest ever found”), which 4 years …

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