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Economy risks overheating – Bank of Russia

The economy of the world’s largest country is reaching a point where its productive capacity is unable to keep up with growing demand due to labor shortages, a senior official at the Bank of Russia has cautioned. Speaking in an interview with YouTube channel Bitkogan on Wednesday, Kirill Tremasov, the …

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Covid can’t hold back Russian economy – Putin

“Faced with the challenges of coronavirus infection and the necessary forced restrictions, our economy turned out to be more mobilized and ready for such shocks than many other developed economies in the world,” said the Russian president. Putin added that other problems for the country remain, including rising inflation. He …

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Major economy falls short of banning crypto

India’s television network NDTV says the government circulated a note on the proposed bill, which says private cryptocurrencies will be regulated and will not be recognized as legal currency in India. The legislation is also reported to describe cryptocurrencies as crypto assets that will be overseen by the country’s market …

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India to become $10 TRILLION economy by 2030 – minister

Other growth factors include increased economic activity, the country’s rise in the global manufacturing index, the achievement of renewable energy targets, the highest-ever foreign exchange reserves, and transformational initiatives. While speaking at the Public Affairs of India (PAFI)’s 8th National Forum by video conference, Puri said, “I am confident that …

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China’s сoal and power crisis hits global economy

Last week, coal futures in China closed at a record high after sixty coal mines in the country’s top coal-producing region were forced to shut amid heavy rain, flooding, and landslides, worsening the energy supply crisis. Later in the week, colder than normal weather in parts of China sent coal prices surging to …

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Vaccine mandates ‘good for the economy’, White House claims, chalking up Southwest flight cancellations just ‘a little hubbub’

During a Tuesday briefing, Psaki was asked if vaccine mandates are negatively affecting the workforce, the question coming on the heels of Southwest recently canceling thousands of flights not long after they began enforcing the requirement. “I know world-renowned business, travel, and health expert Sen. Ted Cruz has made that …

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