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NASA released images of near-earth asteroid

The diameter of the asteroid is six miles.The Arecibo Observatory, which was closed due to threats caused by hurricane Maria, fully restored its work and has enabled researchers to obtain images of near-earth asteroid Phaethon. As reported on the website NASA, the images were obtained during a convergence of the …

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Scientists explain where clouds come to Earth

Announced the results of the study. Scientists said that the majority of clouds on Earth come from outer space. They are due to the influence of high-energy rays on the drops of the spray. Danish experts have figured out the last detail of the impact of cosmic particles on the …

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Scientists have warned about approaching the Earth asteroid

Named the exact date. Scientists believe that the asteroid no threat to human life does not carry. The Earth is approaching asteroid Teros-939, which will enter the planet’s atmosphere on December 21. Astronomers believe that a space object is no threat to human life does not carry. Experts emphasized that …

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Scientists found out how many years there is life on Earth

Announced the results of the study. Experts at the University in Madison analyzed the composition of deposits of graphite. From the results that were obtained, it became clear that the layers are traces of ancient organisms, known as archaea. These bacteria are a clear indication of the phenomenon of a …

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Scientists have discovered how appeared on Earth oxygen

It’s fun! In the saturated carbon dioxide atmosphere of the Paleozoic era lived the first single-celled plants. For life they need phosphorus, which is not so easy to obtain from the environment, if not roots, the suction from the soil salts, including phosphorous and cellular plant roots were not. At …

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Scientists have learned, when the Earth dies

This will happen very soon. The Ministry of India stated that on 23 December the world will end. Scientists from Delhi, in a short time on Earth to spread a virus that will destroy all of humanity just a few days. What will be his source is not known.See also: …

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