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Flat Earth: experiments and evidence

Already in the early grades of public schools in the textbooks of natural history write that the Earth is flat, and the children grow up, not thinking that the government puts in their heads. But I think people can get to the truth, examining sometimes seemingly unrelated facts or even …

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Flies to the Earth asteroid in the shape of a skull

The object will approach our planet on Halloween. October 10, 2015 the experts from the Observatory Pan-STARRS was observed asteroid 2015 TB145. After 21 days, i.e. on October 31, he approached the Earth at a very low distance of 480 thousand km on this day people celebrated Halloween, so the …

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Earth can turn into a huge greenhouse – scientists

Researchers are concerned about climate change. Scientists have found that the average temperature on Earth may rise by 3-4 degrees, even if the humanity will carry out the Paris agreement on the issue of climate change. The temperature exceeds the average for the last 1.2 million years. And the changes …

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NASA recorded the asteroid that threatens Earth

NASA took a unique double asteroid and was horrified. NASA experts managed to remove the asteroid 2017 YE5 opened in December last year. It turned out that the discovery of the scientists was unpleasantly surprised. NASA said that earlier and considered dangerous for the Earth, but not given it the …

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