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Drones Ford will be able to “understand” the driver

Body language will become clear. Development of reliable and safe Autonomous cars require the continuous expansion of the boundaries of the possible in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence. In the company-developer of the “drones” Argo AI, the main shareholder of which is a Ford, used the latest …

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Kiev scared of flying drones over houses

UFO, “Russian trace” and other versions. In Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv residents spotted the drone, which flies at night. This is stated on the community page “Troyeshchyna VK” in Facebook. “Miloslavskaya, 3A, for the second night in a row, starting at 19:00, flying around the houses a drone, you can …

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Soon drones will deliver goods

Special drones will be engaged in the moving of various cargoes. The company’s Drone Delivery Canada got permission of the controller of shipping commercial cargo drones in Northern Canada. During the month, the quadcopter will start to fly over the indigenous communities of America, the Moose Cree First Nation, which …

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European farmers found an unusual use for drones

Now flying gadgets will be to look for pests. Natural algorithms, that uses a swarm of bees, help to train flocks of drones to find weed. Sensors placed in the soil, allows to save on fertilizers. A robotic mower turn gardener in the operator. Phys.org talks about the EU funded …

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Australian drones to save people from sharks

The machine learning system is able to distinguish sharks from other sea creatures such as dolphins or whales.Drones Little Ripper in September will begin to follow some of the Australian beaches and to reach the artificial intelligence system that can determine the presence of sharks with an accuracy of up …

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