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Dishes that were invented totally by accident. Photo

It was a happy accident for us. Cuisine of different Nations of the world are astonishingly varied. Of the most simple, it would seem, food you can prepare hundreds of different dishes, we need only to apply imagination and to experiment. However, judging by the huge number of recipes on …

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Incredible dishes, which is gold. Photo

10 exclusive products for the rich. Edible gold has been known since the XVI century and used to decorate food and drinks. In our time it has found application in the world of high class restaurants. Meals with edible gold became more of a sign of high status than of …

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As washing the dishes and walks affect life expectancy

Wash according to the courts, as well as many other household chores, have a positive impact on health. Daily light physical exercises, which include walking, washing dishes and other household work have a positive effect on the duration of life, say U.S. scientists. The team from the University of California …

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As the principal health hazard from the means for washing dishes

Dishwashing detergent threatThe researchers found that the use of detergents is dangerous to humans, as it increases the resistance of pathogenic bacteria. Scientists conducted a large-scale experiment on the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus. The results of the study showed that improper use of chemical disinfectants may enhance the resistance of bacteria …

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Dishes that hated all Soviet children. Photo

Not the best memories of children. Food nightmares haunted the Soviet child in the kindergarten, in the pioneer camp, in the school cafeteria. Children were not even interested in that food prepared for them by unscrupulous aunt in smelly tanks, never dirty pans, but cooking fat was the weight of …

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