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UK provides Ukraine with cutting-edge weapons – media

The UK has supplied Ukraine with high-precision Brimstone 2 missiles, the British media reported on Monday. Video released by the military showed the delivery of an advanced version of the projectile compared to those already in use with Ukrainian forces. According to reports, London began shipping earlier versions of the …

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Russian troops to receive cutting-edge small arms

Russian troops will receive cutting-edge weapons, including PPK-20 submachine guns and SVCh designated marksman rifles, by the end of the year, Kalashnikov Group announced on Sunday. “We believe it is the best machine pistol in the world for the next 20 years,” the head of the famed arms manufacturer, Alan …

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Trump denies cutting off Piers Morgan interview

Former US President Donald Trump has slammed claims that he stormed out of a recent interview with Piers Morgan and has released an audio recording of how his sit down actually ended. Trump accused Morgan of being “just like the rest of the Fake News Media.” On Wednesday, TalkTV, which …

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More countries cutting booster intervals to 3 months

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt announced the change Friday, citing advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). Starting January 4, Australians will become eligible for their booster four months after receiving their second jab. As of January 31, that interval will be cut to just three months. …

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Damned if you do: Russia has nothing to gain by cutting off ties with Ukraine. But, sadly, talking to Kiev doesn’t help either

‘Nedogovorosposobnyi’ is a Russian word with no English equivalent, describing somebody or something that is incapable of reaching agreements. There can be many reasons why a person or an organization is like this but, whatever the cause, talking to them is a waste of time. It’s never going to get anywhere. Ukraine’s political …

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