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Web down: Thousands of sites worldwide go dark after cloud services provider Akamai reports DNS ‘issue’

Google, AT&T, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and GoDaddy domain services were among the companies that started reporting outages on Thursday morning. Gaming platforms Steam and PlayStation Network, travel services Expedia and Airbnb, shipping giants UPS and FedEx, and banking and financial institutions such as Chase, Discover, Capital One, …

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Inhabitants of Nikolaev are scared strange “nuclear” cloud

The cloud associated with bad weather. In Nikolaev local residents noticed unusual huge cloud of pink. Pictures published Denis Cicinho in Facebook. The shape of the cloud resembles the so-called “nuclear mushroom”. This phenomenon occurs after a nuclear or thermonuclear explosion, also called a radioactive cloud. Some users even suggested …

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The Russians are not seriously scared of “nuclear” cloud

In Network-ridiculed concerns of the Russians. In the sky above the city of Balakovo, Samara region (Russia) there was a cloud shaped like a “mushroom”, after the explosion of the atomic bomb. Photos of unusual natural phenomena caused panic. Some users admitted that the Third world war. Also remembered about …

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The most unusual cloud in the world caught on video

A cloud of unknown origin were moving along the road, and then rose into the sky. In the Internet appeared the video, shot one motorist. Unfortunately, any information about the shooting location and the operator is not available, therefore, will be confined to the movie, which strikes to the core. …

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In Britain shot a UFO disguised as a cloud

Strange object observed in the city Harrogate County North Yorkshire. The picture is not a photomontage and not a scene from a science fiction movie, but real picture, taken June 18 of this year in the English Spa town of Harrogate, in the County of North Yorkshire. Dozens of locals …

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NASA wants to build a cloud city on Venus

NASA scientists plan to create cloud cities on VenusNASA experts intend in the future to create a cloud city on Venus. According to scientists, the project of building the airships that will carry people on a planet twin of Earth, will soon be implemented. Venus – in spite of his …

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