Tuesday , September 28 2021
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Caitlin Johnstone: America has no allies, only hostages

The new president-elect of Bolivia, Luis Arce, has told the Spanish international news agency EFE that he intends to restore the nation’s relations with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. This reverses the policies of the US-backed coup regime which immediately began closing embassies, kicking out doctors and severing relations with those nations after illegally seizing power last year. Arce …

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Caitlin Johnstone: ‘Successful’ people are misery superspreaders in a world that values conquest and power over growth and healing

The term “super-spreader” has been popping up a lot in mainstream news media and Democrat-aligned partisan rhetoric in reference to President Trump and his habit of hosting of events without social distancing precautions which led to a spike in positive Covid-19 tests throughout the White House. It’s an interesting phrase, …

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