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The Russians are switching to cheap bread

Russians are cutting back on food, many can’t afford vegetables, meat, and anxiety in connection with the coronavirus forced again to enter the family crisis “budget rule”, which often featured a ban on your favorite delicacies. Experts believe that social support needs to be strengthened, as falling revenues and increased …

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No bread — let them eat cake

The story that these words were spoken by Queen Marie Antoinette when she was told that the people have nothing to eat, tale. The source — Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In his Confessions he confessed that in his youth he was stealing wine in the house, where he served as a tutor. …

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Impoverished Ukrainians are forced to fend on bread and water

The consequences of the political crisis in Ukraine in 2014 was reflected in the country’s economy. Ex-President Petro Poroshenko strongly steered a course into the EU and NATO, burning all bridges with Russia. Newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky takes the position of its predecessor. However, while the “upstairs” there are …

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In Ukraine becomes more expensive bread

The price of bread in Ukraine is growing faster than inflation. In January-may 2018 compared with the same period last year the price of bread rose by 18.4%. According to the State statistics service. At the same time the price of pasta increased by 9.8%. According to the state statistics …

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Named the best types of bread for those who follow weight

Bread is not the best product for weight loss. Nowadays, many people try to follow different diets. But often to achieve the maximum effect from the diet prevents one little thing, for example, a strong love for bread. Today, this problem can be easily solved.Just replace one kind of bread …

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