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NASA missions under threat because of astronaut shortage

NASA has enough astronauts to meet “the current needs” of International Space Station missions but might soon discover that it lacks a “sufficient number of additional astronauts” for future projects. According to NASA’s Office of Inspector General report, the astronaut corps is projected to fall below its targeted size or …

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Pakistan drops chemical castration plans because of Sharia

The controversial clause in a bill amending criminal law in Pakistan was dropped before the National Assembly voted on it on Wednesday, a parliament official said on Friday. If it were passed, it would have been unconstitutional, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice Maleeka Bokhari explained. The basic law of …

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Russia & Belarus were FORCED to work on unified military doctrine because of increased pressure from West – Russian army chief

The move was announced by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who outlined a new five-year strategic partnership program, including further cooperation on the training of troops and command authority. “As well as military threats, we continue to face political and economic pressure on our countries from the so-called collective West,” …

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Stop blaming ‘Russian trolls’ & ‘RT propaganda’: US democracy declining because Americans have lost faith in their elites – Moscow

In a statement issued on Sunday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that “the threat to American democracy does not come from authoritarian regimes, as it is sometimes fashionable to say, but the distrust its own citizens have.” There is an increasingly common perception, she said, “that everything said by …

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