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Study spills the beans: A cup of Joe’s not enough for sleep-deprived people dealing with higher-level tasks

Relying on coffee may be a cause of serious procedural errors, researchers from the Sleep and Learning Lab at Michigan State University have found out. Their study published in the latest edition of Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition, investigated the effect of caffeine on sleep-deprived participants. Having affirmed that …

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Named five good reasons to love beans

All has appeared easier. Beans is one of the most useful products that we use, which is available all year round and for a small price. Gastroenterologist and nutritionist Galina Nezgovorova told why beans should include in your diet. Beans are very rich in micro – and macro-elements such as …

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Nutritionists explained who eat beans

According to experts, there are five reasons to several times a week to eat meals from the beans. All varieties of beans are very good for health. Moreover, in the thermal processing and canning beans almost does not lose its medicinal properties and nutrients have a positive influence on the …

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Doctors told why you must eat beans

Named product which prolongs life. If you want to join the ranks of centenarians, you don’t have to take special medicine or wonder drug. Only need to include in the diet very simple product, beans. To such conclusion scientists from the American Institute of cancer research.Best product for life extension …

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