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US & allies launch joint naval war games in Iran’s backyard

The Group Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise (GASWEX) 21, which begins on Sunday, seeks to “develop the necessary skills to address threats to regional security, freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce,” US Naval Forces Central Command said in a statement. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is accompanied …

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Really, lads? UK military touts Paratrooper deployment into ‘Russia’s BACKYARD’… referring to drills in Ukraine

“In rural Ukraine, only a stone’s throw away from Russia’s border,British Paratroopers have mounted a rapid airborne deployment,” says a Medium post by DefenceHQ on Tuesday, introducing a photo gallery of its soldiers. The accompanying tweet gives away the post’s meta-headline: “We dropped into Russia’s backyard.” The article’s URL matches it, …

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Kids sports backyard games?

Whether encyclopedia of children’s domestic games? Not long ago, I wrote in Nyuslende few of their pitiful memories of sophistication of the post-war children’s games, which I did with pleasure could be seen in almost any urban neighbourhood of our great country. Unfortunately, these games are forgotten or almost completely …

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Favorite “backyard” games of Soviet children. Photo

Now children prefer computer games. In the twenty-first century children quietly disappeared from the yards of the big cities — now they play computer games or ladylike spend time in a specially organized children’s clubs. With the children gone and yard games. And if kids can still be found on …

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“Backyard romance”: a morning dose of laughter funny pictures

Another portion of jokes and humor for everyone. Demotivators appeared as a response to Internet folklore on annoying propaganda. It really happened: a man will deny everything that he imposed. And it looks especially funny if expressed with demotivators. Demotivational posters appeared as a parody of motivational posters (posters) or …

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