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Suprun said than can be replaced more costly bow

Супрун рассказала, чем можно заменить подорожавший лукBow many can not afford.

After a record rise in price of onions in Ukraine, many people wonder what products it can replace.According to the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun, there is not less useful and nutritious foods.

How to write a medical Facebooк, many do not, according to taste onion: it causes allergies, aggravates irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes downright anti-social product.

Suprun said that onions contain few vitamins and minerals, so much more useful have green onions and leeks.

“They contain a lot of kaempferol. It is useful for the health of blood vessels a flavonoid, which is now actively investigating the potential anticancer properties. Kaempferol is a lot of beans, young beans, wine, raspberries, spices, cloves and black tea. For example, leeks and green onions, lots of vitamins A, K, B6 and magnesium. You will be surprised, but comparable levels of vitamins and minerals, also in the nettle. It can be added to green soup or rice,” she writes.

As you know, Luka has prebiotics – nutrients that loves the intestinal microflora. Soluble fiber bow can be replaced in the diet with root vegetables: celery or parsnip, oat and barley porridge or apples.

Also onions are good for the liver. It lowers blood sugar, helps normalize the lipoprotein balance and reduce inflammation.

“But only if combined with a healthy balanced diet. Comparable and not as anti-social products can be dill, cinnamon, ginger, cilantro and coriander seeds,” said the doctor, adding that none of the products is not a drug.

“At a time when there were no spices, onion has been a godsend, because he was doing the food fragrant. But you can save a little and enrich the taste of food due to the already mentioned spices and herbs. Another option is to fry the radish. Radishes, like onions, is also rich in sulfur-containing compounds, and can provide some sladkuyu bitterness and aroma,” wrote Suprun.

She warned that beloved Golden fried onions are harmful to health, and is involved in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and disorders of the kidneys.

“If you really need to make a pâté or roast tender, then saute onion is rich in fiber and minerals, apples and pears or the aforementioned parsnips or celery,” – she advises.

Suprun reminded that authoritative evidence that bow has exceptional healing properties does not exist.

“For example, the bow does not cure the cold. Yes, onions do have certain bactericidal properties, but colds are caused by viruses. If you need to treat a runny nose or a sore throat, it is better to drink warm tea and get some sleep. And flu help only timely vaccination and daily hygiene. If you have a fever, you should not look for the bow, and to schedule a visit to the doctor,” – concluded acting Minister.

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