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Students of the Russian University pass tests on transcoding nasosnaya and fighting meme

Студенты российского вуза сдают зачеты по перекодировке нацсознания и боевым мемам

About 2 thousand students of the Russian University of technology in the winter session will take the tests in such disciplines as “psi-effects”, “conversion of national consciousness” and of “combat memes”. According to “Medusa” referring to relatives of students, the items, and also conspiracy theory included in the program a former teacher of the Higher school of the KGB, who heads the Department of information confrontation.

So, the publication gives a relative review of the student’s MOUTH MIREA, who has credit for the course “national security system”. “Just a couple of days ago, the teacher sent the fourth course of theoretical basis for training, namely slides one read them lectures. The presentation included the terms “DULLES plan”, “spiritual war”, “conversion of national consciousness” and “mind viruses” and other nonsense, unworthy even of the term “pseudoscience”. Based on these slides, real students in a few days will pass absolutely real credit. Believe that this is happening, I find it difficult,” — said the source publication.

In addition, the “Medusa” contacted the author of these courses — Vitali Grigoriev. The questions he regarded as an act of “the information war”.


The teacher is convinced that his lectures on “national security system” is meaningful and reliable. “I just know the opinion of our country’s leadership on this issue. And nothing more I am in his lectures did not say. The concept of “hybrid war” introduced by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, this is the official response of our leadership, on this and Putin spoke. You have something against statements of our leadership?” he said.

On the official website MIREA said that the University trains specialists “for the rapidly emerging knowledge-based industries science and technology”, has its own laboratory of big data and artificial intelligence, and his “industrial partners” are Yandex and Samsung.

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