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Stephen king accused of plagiarism

And these accusations relate not someone, and Roland deskana, the main character is the key to creativity King of horror Saga “the Dark tower”. And no, it’s not Clint Eastwood was offended because his image of spaghetti westerns stolen. Everything is more serious and sillier at the same time.

Writer, comic book writer Steven Grant claims that the prototype for Roland was the character of The Rook, originally produced by publisher Dark Horse Comics since 1977. That hero is also called the Shooter and the passport he Restin Dane. That is, the initials “RD”. However, the claim of Grant is not reduced to initials. He talks about the amazing similarities between Roland and Restina: both travel through time, battle monsters, possess a kind of immortality, and finally are examples of the romantic adventurer. In addition, Dane is also dressed as a cowboy, and towers in both stories there is.

I don’t know how Roland is drawn to the image of a romantic adventurer, but in General, Yes, sometimes the descriptions are the same. Yes, and the king confirmed once that the comics he’s been reading. But somehow does not pull it all on a lawsuit of $ 500 million, which Grant was going to present a king.

The stupidest thing about this story is that this accordion. The theory that the hero of the comic the Rook was a type of Arrow from the “Dark tower” is haunting the Internet for ten years or twenty. And only now someone decided to sue for plagiarism. And who? Media call Steven Grant Creator of these comics, however, he is only the author of the restarting of this line in 2015. The real creators of the hero, bill Dabei and Budd Lewis, already dead.

And let’s go through the weak spots voiced by Grant charges. Named the comic book first appeared on shelves in March 1977. “Shooter”, the first volume of “the Dark tower”, was released in 1982. Prior to that, from 1978 to 1981, the novel was published pieces in various magazines. Formally comic Shooter was before. However demented cingolani like me you know that King wrote his novel for ten years, having started in 1970, long before the first publication of The Rook.

In the end, Stephen king has never hidden the story of the emergence of Roland in his work and not just listed cultural sources had an influence on him in that period. First and foremost, submit to the court must, of course, Robert Browning, English poet of the XIX century, the author of the poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came”, the iconic “dollar trilogy” spaghetti westerns , Sergio Leone, we have already hinted at the beginning, but there is still Clifford D. Simak, John R. R. Tolkien and other talented people who left a trace in the works of king. “The dark tower” actually combines many different trends, cultural formations. That’s why Stephen king in contrast to the “true fans from the Internet” was not bombed from the appointment of Idris Elba, a black actor for the role of Arrow in the upcoming film adaptation. This image is also movable and changeable as the history, culture, time.

Well, let’s hope that the court is dealing with plagiarism all the same will not come, because well, ridiculous somehow.

But in the long-awaited movie “the Dark tower” will be released in July 28 this year, Yes.

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