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“Sound”, or as I have started to use a streaming service

For a long time I stubbornly ignored the streaming music services: I had established a playlist consisting of a few hundred tracks that I “drove in a circle.” Supplemented it very rarely, mainly due to the new album a couple of groups. But even the metal bends: once friends managed to persuade me to use such a service. Comparing the proposals, I made a choice in favor of domestic service, the”Sound”. The ads promised me millions tracks, new releases, song lyrics, music stories, recommendation service and the ability to listen to music for free. Well, how to pass this?

First, I downloaded a branded app, available through Google, Apple and Huawei, and then set it up by yourself, included a “night” theme, was identified by the color style elements, chosen appearance of the collection, added more bass in the EQ. When I want to listen to music on the computer, I use a web-interface, it is also quite simple and intuitive.

The program asked me to register via a phone number or social network, and then activated the week of free access. By the way, I can give and more, however, not clear what it depends on. After the trial period expires, you have three choices: continue to use the service for free with limitations (below), to purchase a monthly subscription for $ 169, or daily access to 9 rubles. There are also different promotions and discounts with a simple logic: the more you invest money over time, the better. To pay, by the way, can be a credit card, using your Google account or phone number.

In music the “Sound” is more than 40 million tracks available for streaming as a subscription, and without it. I admit that your specific taste I was able to meet not fully: in the database there was no place for music fans of Tolkien and also such classics as international. Instead of the latter, for example, I was asked to listen to a collection of Lenin’s speeches. However, it is also me favorite rock, metal and Vysotsky, here was enough.

Through the search, you can find a particular song, but of greater interest are the collections. Section “Hits and charts” includes hundreds of the best tracks selections by genres and artists, popular releases and various thematic assemblies. New music will help you stay aware of all the news over the last week. In the tab “Genres and mood” music is broken on purpose (sport, relaxation, etc.) and on 24 musical genre.

One of the “chips” system which is missing in other services, is the Stories. It is a collection of news, interesting stories on a musical theme with illustrations. Storys is located in the ribbon for a limited time, then are replaced by more relevant. This helps not just listen to the music, but also the most to join in a musical context, and artists to make a mini presentation of the new album. Most of all I was attracted by the recommendations, which AI has created a daily updated build based on my preferences. The result can be listened to as individual tracks, and in the format of online radio, in addition, became available several genre collections.

All described above, can be used without having a paid subscription service, though with slight nuances: assemblies played only a randomly limited number of starts, after 2-3 tracks sounds a small ad integration and in-app pop up banners. In addition to removing restrictions, the subscription allows you to download lyrics, many of which have translations. For example, I was very surprised to find out the meaning of some songs. And premium users can gather his Collection, which is enough to like any song or download it to your smartphone to listen without Internet access. Unfortunately, once the subscription expires, the locks and access downloaded files. Well, when the head good wired headphones, then I will activate high quality music.

I use it for a month, which was listened to hundreds of new tracks that I like: artificial intelligence, focusing on my interests, good job of finding music. At the same time, no need to search on the Internet and to download – everything is inside the app, and completely legal. Should get the new album of your favorite band – a couple of taps, and he’s already in the memory of my smartphone. Well, when the soul wants to sing, then just open the lyrics and “mobile karaoke” is ready!

I liked the service: excellent app, great collection of songs, which is always at hand, additional “chips”, an inexpensive subscription. “Sound” helps to stay abreast of all major trends: read the music news stories, listen to the most popular tracks in the world and the first to evaluate new items. However, the service can put together a great set of songs and for those who just love to spend time in the subway alone with the music.

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