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Solovyov: I’m most afraid that Sobchak will kill

Соловьев: я больше всего боюсь, что Собчак убьют

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov admitted that the most in history with crab business Ksenia Sobchak fears that will kill her. His fears, he shared live in Instagram TV presenter Tina Kandelaki.

“I am very worried about the Xenia. We have a bad relationship. Very. And everyone knows it. But, little realizing that the crab business, I most afraid of that will kill her. Because she got not just in crime, but in the Hyper-criminal business,” — said Solovyov.

He explained that during their interview with Ksenia Sobchak did not answer directly and in detail one of his question and expressed the opinion that she “does not understand what she got”.

Earlier, the South Sakhalin city court seized on the deal as a TV presenter and her partner Elena Soglaeva on buying shares in companies “Moneron” and “Kuril universal set” with sales of over 23 billion rubles. Both companies are in the criminal case of the businessman Oleg Kahn, who is suspected of smuggling and the murder of a man.

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