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Small, but perfectly formed: review of the film “Little evil” (2017)

Raising adopted son – not an easy task. And if the child is the offspring of hell in the truest sense of the word. This convinced Gary, when you married the beautiful Samantha and met her five year old son. Lucas’s six, and his behavior goes far beyond normal – he speaks low and terrible voice, manipulates human consciousness and communicates with the television noise. Will Gary find a common language with the child, the real father in fact isn’t even human?

Director Eli Craig has eaten a dog on ridiculing clichés of rotten tomatoes, and made this one a brilliant parody – a domestic audience as it is familiar under the name “psychic”. After viewing it is almost impossible to take seriously the horror like “Friday the 13th” or “wrong Turn” because empathy does not begin victims, and the “villains”. However, luxury Comedy has shown itself weak in the rental, and after in the career of Craig in bold have registered an unsuccessful attempt teleadapt “Zombieland”, so for the second time in the Director’s chair the Director sat only in 2017, putting “Little evil” for Netflix.

Almost every second scene tape confident messing with unaffordable pathos paranoid thrillers – it will flicker a strange man with a gesture, “shut up!”, then the priest starts to jam about a speedy end of the world under terrible music. The script is missing in the apparent absurdity and is pushed away from the genre clichés like a ball in a pinball using as a basis is quite a recognizable plot. It is quite a funny parody with a slight admixture of farce, generously treated fans of horror funny references. Went here not only “Omenu” – under the distribution hit “Poltergeist”, “shutter Island”, “the Shining” and even “silent hill”. Reference to the same is felt not only in the staging of scenes, but in the technical side – for example, fans of “Astral” easily identified in the soundtrack tune from the “broken violin”.

Focus is on leading Adam Scott, and completely justifies all the hopes, perfectly playing a comical role. He got in a couple very nice and very convincing Evangeline Lilly. However, their colleagues deserve more restrained praise – baby Owen Atlas in the role of Lucas great talent does not Shine, playing the role of the girlfriend of the main character Bridget Everett is clearly overacting at times (the slightly annoying), and the charismatic Clancy brown paid not so much screen time.

In addition, the screenplay is very far from ideal. The main conflict of the stepfather and his adopted son, around which the story develops, it is allowed too rapidly, like click – once and forgot, and then the action switches to the Union of Gary and Lucas against malevolent cultists. This leap and catches the eye too much, and the extra 10 minutes of time could safely “flatten” and it would fit into the story much easier. Besides some plot twists shes destroying the logic of the narrative, but here the specifics is fraught with spoilers.

“Little evil” threatens cult status, but it is at least a good option to relax after the working day. Funny Comedy component of the flavored excellent acting of Scott and Lilly, funny references and even a small decoration of morality “children love any”. And let towards the end of the script begins to limp on both legs, the finish remains very pleasant.

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