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Skinny Efrosinina showed bold photo

Исхудавшая Ефросинина показала смелые фотоThe presenter was not afraid to put in the social network pictures without makeup.

On his page in Integrame Maria Efrosinina again showed quite a bold photo in which she is without makeup. In addition, the presenter again raised the issue of “figures” and the upcoming anorexia, which Masha is constantly afraid of her own fans.

Efrosinina explained everything in order: “dear Girls! Everyone who cares about what I “bring and exhausting diets”, I want to tell you something!

The first time I went to detox six years ago. In order to lose weight. Lost weight, cleared up, came home and realized that I was not so pleased with kg gone, as my feelings : everything became more colorful, the left and the fatigue and mood swings, back strength and energy. I am a curious person and I started to explore what is behind this buzzword “detox”? Today my knowledge is very extensive – I even doctors speak the same language. And my body, we generally understand each other without words! But here you will try simply to Express! We all. Absolutely everything, every day pollute themselves, Samusocial, intoxicated: toxins are in the food ( even fruits and vegetables), in the air , disinfectants for hands, even in contact lenses, nail Polish, cosmetics, furniture surfaces etc. at all Smokers poison themselves in equal degrees with the employees of the chemical.laboratories. And the culmination of all this internal and external “bombing” on our body is STRESS. Stress is recognized by modern scientists as the main killer of the 21st century. It is foolish to think that stress is the loss of a job, illness of a child or divorce . Stress is our daily life: scrolling news feeds, lack of sleep, diet, overeating, alcohol, flights , traffic, etc. and if you don’t clean it all out systematically, it is possible to reduce not only the quality but also the lifespan. In my normal work mode, I try to arrange a “cleaning”, making the fasting days, closely watching his diet, exercising and going to bed in the perfect “before midnight.” But when my body yells: “Hey, Marus! I’m at the limit, we’re already pretty good itself so groomed that got our batteries”, I resort to professional help!!! And Hurray!! Now they are in Ukraine! “.

For photos and geolocation to the public in the social network, it became clear that a few days Masha Efrosinina have cleaned your body under the supervision of specialists “detox”. Well, most followers of Mary support her with likes and compliments, but there are those who continue to insist that the presenter need to score, not to drop weight.

Исхудавшая Ефросинина показала смелые фото

Исхудавшая Ефросинина показала смелые фото

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