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Simple ways to self whiten your teeth

Простые способы самостоятельно отбелить зубыNot everyone can afford a trip to the dentist for whitening.

This procedure is very costly and it is recommended to do twice a year. More frequent bleaching can damage tooth enamel and lead to dire consequences. But there is a simple solution to the problem.

The answer is simple – you can do the bleaching at home using folk remedies. They are in every house and their meager cost that pleases and allows to solve the problem.

However, the use of folk remedies can also be a disservice. Because improper use may lead to destruction of tooth enamel and gum disease. Of course, to achieve the perfect white house is impossible, but to lighten the enamel in several colors, improve the appearance, strengthen the teeth quite real.

To perform the whitening at home you need to follow a number of recommendations

No. 1:
Whitening is possible in cases, if: the teeth healthy, a person a regular patient of the dentist and knows that with their teeth, all normal, healthy oral cavity.

You can start bleaching, if there are mouth ulcers, scratches, patients gums and oral herpes. Not allergic to the product chosen to check this out, you need to apply a little makeup to the skin for a few minutes and test the response.

No. 2:
Bleaching tooth enamel the first thing: smokers (nicotine eats into tooth enamel, and the teeth acquire a yellowish tint. Whitening toothpaste can not cope with such a coating to the end not able to clean the teeth, and diligence in cleaning the teeth will lead to the opposite consequences and erase tooth enamel). Sweet tooth (sweet teeth can not boast of good teeth. Thanks to the reactions that occur in the mouth due to the sugary foods, the teeth become thinner and yellow). The coffee drinkers (tea drinkers and coffee also suffer from the darkening of teeth, because the color of these drinks stain the enamel in a light brown shade and no toothpaste with it can not cope).

No. 3:
Before whitening you need to understand why they went dark. Ugly teeth can be not only external factors but also internal diseases.

Whitening is contraindicated in people with the disease periodontitis, caries a lot of fillings, braces.

For under age children is also contraindicated whitening, as the teeth are not yet fully formed and they can to damage.

Folk remedies for whitening

Soda is one of the most abrasive substances that help to remove plaque from the enamel. You need to apply soda on the brush and brush teeth. Also, this method works with the addition of toothpaste. But this cleaning is possible only once a week because more frequent use of soda will lead to the destruction of the enamel. Perfectly brightens teeth Duo of baking soda and peroxide, which are mixed and applied together.

Activated carbon
For a quick whitening the coal would be quite nice. It is completely safe for the body. The tablets should be crushed to a powder, and brush their teeth or a few pills to chew carefully, drink water and brush your teeth as usual.

Hydrogen peroxide
The peroxide included in the composition of the gels produced for dentistry. Whitening after standard brushing, rinse her teeth and rinse with warm water. Or take a cotton pad, dip it in peroxide and clean the teeth, leaving for a few minutes, then rinse your mouth. The effect of this method will not immediately, but within a few days.

Whitening lemon is considered a chemical method. It is less safe than others, as with lemon juice not to scratch the enamel. You need to take a lemon peel and wipe her teeth for several minutes. You can also add lemon juice to your toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual. You can also take the pulp of a lemon, apply it to your teeth for a short time before the appearance of the tingling, after rinsing the mouth with water. And finally, the lemon juice, dissolved in water, can be used as a rinse for 30 days, lemon and water taken in equal parts.

Essential oil
For whitening at home apply the following oils: lemon, grapefruit, orange. A few drops of oil dissolved in 10 g of alcohol and stirred in 100 ml of water. The solution is used as a conditioner.

A little to whiten teeth will help strawberries or wild strawberries. Berries contain acids to the destruction of the substances causing dark plaque on the teeth. For this you need to RUB the teeth with pulp of the berries and wait a few minutes, then brush teeth as usual.

Coconut oil
The oil you need to pour in your mouth and good for them to handle all your teeth, then spit it out and rinse your mouth. You can make a mixture of oil and soda and use composition instead of toothpaste.

Banana peel
The peel of banana is used for teeth whitening. For this purpose the inner side of the peel RUB the teeth, then rinsed his mouth.

Sea salt
Common salt for bleaching will not work, but the sea contains substances, painkillers mouth, whitening ingredients and strengthen the teeth. This salt mixes with the toothpaste and clean teeth.

Cleaning needs to be careful and gentle not to damage the enamel. With the hives use a solution of salt. Taken teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

Few people know that eggplant can be used for whitening. It should bake until the peel ash black. When ash begins to crumble, pulling the eggplant from the oven, cool it down, the resulting ash is rubbed in the powdered state. It is this powder good for teeth whitening. The powder is applied by finger on the surface of the teeth, held for a few minutes and washed off with water.

As you can see, whiten teeth at home using folk remedies is not so difficult and expensive. If alternate all the recipes given above, it is possible to achieve a good result, never visit the dentist for these purposes, and save money. Only strict adherence to the instructions and the consistency will make the teeth beautiful and your smile is charming.

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