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Shooting the series “castle Rock” starts in August!

Stephen king is his own literary universe: the series “the Dark tower” the writer has combined a storyline from the various of his works. The film “the Dark tower” may be launched in a movie-universe king – may not start, besting only a few cute heart fans references to “It”, “cujo” and “the Shining.” But for sure the master will be his own body-the universe thanks to the project “castle Rock” (Castle Rock).

The series will be an anthology, so every season will unfold its own story with its characters. Since the place of action remain the same city, then these stories, as well as actors will be interesting to overlap and intersect with each other. According to the creators of the show, “castle Rock” tells of the heroes and themes of the different stories of king relevant to this city.

The founders, as we already know, the service is Hulu and notorious producer, writer and Director J. J. Abrams. The project was announced in winter, and in summer will start shooting!

The work on the first season, which will include ten episodes, will start in August 2017 at the Studio, New England Studios in a place called Deven, Massachusetts. It is expected that filming will go until January 2018. Partially shooting will also be held in the small town of orange.

Earlier it was reported that the show will play Andre Holland, known for such shows as “the Knick” and “American horror story”. Holland will play a character named Henry, a lawyer working with sentenced to death, and in General people with unique and difficult history in the town of castle Rock, Maine.

The city of castle Rock appeared in the novel king’s “Dead zone”. He is also mentioned in such books as King’s “Doctor Sleep”, “Revival”, “cujo”, “Dark half,” “needful things”, “Confrontation”, “Gerald’s Game” and (even!) “It” and in the films script king “Kaleidoscope of horrors” and “Lunatics”. Imagine how many stories and characters may overlap in this series?

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