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Sell your Villa in Italy and pay employees

Many restaurant owners are now actively speak to the media with funeral speeches.

Продай свою виллу в Италии и заплати сотрудникам

Some of them post videos in which they talk about how to sell the last one. Forced to say goodbye to luxury cars Mabah and Porsche, for example, and to save money on mistresses. And the money unselfishly distribute to their employees, cleaners and waiters.

Watching these videos, and I want to drink. It is clear that not everything that is said businessmen have to believe. But still very informative to get information from first hand.

The founder of the “Chayhona number 1” Timur Lansky in the channel Forbes about saving your business in a crisis. A lot of interesting facts says the businessman. I will list some.

70% of the 2,000 employees already fired. The remaining employees will receive financial aid (approximately) 5-10 thousand on food and 7 thousand for an apartment (they take it off for 4-5 people). Plus communal and part of the rent for the premises restaurants. Of the 27 restaurants are closed on 20 and the rest are working only on delivery. About 40 million rubles per month losses from idle time of restaurants.

Most of the employees are migrant workers, whose situation is deplorable. They can not go, and here they did not help. Many people predict a rise in crime in may. People don’t live on that. Especially those who worked in the markets and on construction sites.

Business owners face a question. Does it make sense now to sell your property: villas, apartments and car? This will help to hold out a couple of months. But is there a prospect then? No confidence that it makes sense to support its business. Because of the quarantine restrictions will be removed gradually and no one knows when. And restaurants will not be able to earn at full capacity for many more months. And because of the restrictions, and because of lower income visitors.

Therefore, Timur Lansky is not in a hurry to sell your Villa in Italy (about 3 million dollars)

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