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Scott Derrickson work on the series “Through the snow”

Great movie Korean pona Joon-Ho snow piercer (Snow Piercer) will become a series. Perhaps equally remarkable. This is not news; that company Tomorrow Studios has acquired the rights to the TV adaptation, Area of Horror reported in November 2015. And the news that joined the project Director Scott Derrickson, Creator of”Sinister” and marvel ‘s”Dr. Strange”.

If you haven’t watched the fantastic post-apocalyptic social (here you can continue to come up with adjectives) Thriller snow piercer, recall the plot:

Earth. In the near future. On the planet occurred technological disaster. Where once forests grew and flowered gardens, now lie snow and ice. Life is preserved only in a giant train without stopping speeding on the TRANS-Eurasian railway. In the first cars of a train lives ruling elite, many of the latter — the common people. Life in the train is reminiscent of a concentration camp — disease, poverty, lawlessness taskmasters. But here it is from among the downtrodden rebels man able to restore justice. However, each of noble idea has its dark side, and any revolution devours its children.

The film is based on French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige” by Jacques Loeb, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette. Director and screenwriter Pont Chung Ho, for whom this was the English-language debut, to the source reacted very freely, but the final result was worth it. Read, for example, a review of the editor memory. Will it be possible to repeat the success of the series? The story for this format fits more than, now there wouldn’t kill the idea.

So, recently it became known that Derrickson put the pilot episode and this is definitely good news. There, you see, and will be involved in the process. The show-run project will be Josh Friedman (“the Sarah Connor Chronicles…”), one of the Executive producers will be the Pont Chung Ho, a company that will be Marty Edelstein and Becky Clements. Moreover, the project promises to involve the author of the original “Oldboy” Park Chan-wook! Also in the gang of producers noticed and Lee Tae Hun (“Sympathy for lady Vengeance”). This here is a South Korean K-K-combo turns.

Looking at all these names and plans, unwittingly promote the series in their own waiting list closer to the top of the list. This is because we can get Kruchenykh that much scary to imagine. On Board the post-apocalyptic train already there was the first star in the acting ensemble: David Diggs (TV’s “Hamilton”). The project has just accelerated, so we will see him, probably not before next year. But for this case you can wait.

PS: and if you’re a fan of pona Joon Ho solely as a Director, certainly take note of his new film.

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