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Schulte table for the skill of speed reading

Таблицы Шульте для навыков быстрого чтенияSchulte table is a completely random number (or other objects) designed to train the skills of speed reading, improvement of peripheral vision. Experts believe that the wide field of view reduces the time search informative components of texts. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Таблицы Шульте для навыков быстрого чтения


Schulte table is an ordinary piece of white paper, which shows a square with these sides: 20-25 cm Square divided into 25 cells where written in random order the numbers 1 – 25.

Rules training on Schulte tables:

  • Try to quickly find the numbers. This should be done silent account. In other words myself and in ascending order from 1 to 25 without missing a single number. The numbers found and number you want to identify just by looking. The result of this exercise should be time no more than 25 seconds.
  • At the beginning of the work with the table you need to fix the view at its center, in order to see the whole table.
  • Important! When searching alternating to each other numbers and numerals are allowed to fix the eye only in the centre of the table.
  • Important! Horizontal eye movement is prohibited. The distance between the table and the eyes need to choose such as with a normal reading of the text. This distance is approximately 25-30 cm.
  • Important! The time and frequency of such training, you need to choose the rate of fatigue of view.

Remember that during the occupation with Schulte tables it is necessary to remember that this training here not the aim.

The most important is the extension of the field of view, and it can only be achieved with careful implementation of all rules to work with these tables, the regular and realised trainings.

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