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Sberbank will test the delivery of money with the help of drones

Sberbank has come up with a new way of delivering cash to customers, bills will be sent literally in the air with the help of most of these drones. In the near future the Bank will test a new scheme in Kazan.

Cash Sberbank puts it in a special container, which are mounted directly to the copter, and you would have to prepare for the hunting season for these flying safes for personal enrichment at the expense, indeed, of the state, but not so simple. Containers only seem to represent the conventional capacity — in fact, if they open one or a stranger, the bill will immediately result in a special paint, which will make them completely unusable. In addition, spraying can be carried out remotely, as reported by German Gref.

The timing of the introduction of new technology not yet known, but testing of cash transportation by air will be held in Kazan in the near future. In other countries, the copters are also used as couriers, but deliver not money, and different kinds of goods, including medicines. In our country this is not yet practiced due to the lack of appropriate legislative framework and of certain difficulties in the operation of drones on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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