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Saratov students will develop routes to the school from which you cannot deviate

Саратовским школьникам разработают маршруты до школы, от которых нельзя отклоняться

The Committee on education of the mayoralty of Saratov for students to develop individual routes from home to school and back, that student will not be allowed to violate. This was stated by the Chairman of the Committee Larisa Revutskaya, writes “Kommersant”.

On such measures the city authorities decided to take in connection with the murder of nine-year-old Lisa Kiseleva, committed last week.

“If he deviated from the course, parents should follow the explanation of why it happened. If the student for any reason will be forced to change the route (for example, he wants to go to grandma’s or the store or walking with friends), the parents must notify the school about this,” said Revutskaya.


The head of the interior Ministry in the Saratov Andrey Chepurnoy said that the police are more seriously engaged in the garage cooperatives, which, according to him, the frequent theft, is the illegal trade, including alcohol. “We need to conduct a survey of the cooperative, to do lighting and video surveillance. This will prevent the entry of unauthorised persons,” said Colonel Chepurnoy.

The head of Saratov Mikhail Isaev urged to get rid of green spaces. “I gave the assignment to any shoots was not. Require the services of an accomplishment to cut everything. Each street is viewed from one end to the other. Then it will appear who have no motivation to sit in the grass, behind the bushes, trees, sit to drink and so on,” — said Isayev.

The Chairman of the safety Commission, cooperation with judicial and law enforcement authorities, Public chamber of the Saratov region Vladimir Neznamov believes that landscaping isn’t exactly the authority in this situation. “It is very good that they will impose order there, will clean the thickets, but there are plenty of other places where this could happen: cars, entrances and so on. Landscaping is not a guarantee of security,” — said Neznamov. In his opinion, was violated, the interaction between power structures, the police used the information the Federal penitentiary service, according to which, I tried several times, including for rape, Muwatin not on the path of correction. The district, in his opinion, it was not possible to control who is in their area of ex-prisoners because of the abundance of “paper work”.

The reason to restore order on the way to school # 73 was the murder last week of the pupil of the third class Lisa Kiseleva. She went to school, but did not reach her. The child’s body was found on October 10 in one of the garages.

About the whereabouts of the murdered girl, said 35-year-old Michael Tulatin detained on suspicion in the crime.

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