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Russian vaccine against coronavirus plan to register after 3 months

Российскую вакцину от коронавируса планируют зарегистрировать уже через 3 месяца

“We expect to register a vaccine against coronavirus in September of the current year”,– said the Director of the center for Virology and biotechnology “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov.

He made a report at the Meeting on the development of genetic technologies, which was held by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We have completed laboratory testing of prototype vaccines for sensitive animals. In terms of immunogenicity and protectively identified three promising drug, which proceed to the next stage. That preclinical testing of finished dosage forms of the vaccine. Vaccines based on influenza virus and one synthetic vaccine is based on state of the center “Vector” of Rospotrebnadzor. A vaccine based on vesicular stomatitis virus will be made on the basis of our industrial partner. In June we are completing preclinical studies of efficacy and safety of already ready medicinal forms of the vaccine in the minimum amount sufficient for the transition to clinical studies in the first and second phase a total of 300 volunteers,” said Rinat Maksyutov.

The Director of the center “Vector” stressed that all work with the dangerous virus is conducted with absolute compliance with all the stringent requirements of Biosafety. Vladimir Putin wished good luck to the scientists in their hard work. “I really hope that your work will be completed in the timeframe that you just said. And registration of the vaccine against the coronavirus will be carried out in September,” – said the President. Also during the meeting it was announced the emergence of another important vaccine. It’s a vaccine against one of the most dangerous on the planet of viruses – variola virus.

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