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Russia is facing expulsion from the Council of Europe

России грозит исключение из Совета ЕвропыRussia in the near future may be excluded from the Council of Europe.

140 million people may be left without an important tool in the fight against violations of their rights.

“There is a potential threat that Russia will leave the organization. If Russia will have to leave, then 140 million people will remain without the possibility to appeal to the highest court in Europe, which is very important for Russian citizens”, – said the publication of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland.

As noted, in 2014 Russia was deprived of voting rights in the Council of Europe after the illegal annexation of Crimea. If the situation does not change, the election of new judges and leaders of the organization over the next two years will be held without the participation of Moscow, the newspaper writes.

It is reported that Russia may leave the organization if it does not participate in the selection of key personnel. Thus, it will be destroyed, legal bridge between Europe and Russia, which existed since 1996, when Russia joined the Council of Europe.

The publication writes that Russia has still not made any steps to return Crimea to Ukraine. She also continues to prevent the commissioners of the Council of Europe on human rights on the Peninsula that “absolutely unacceptable,” said Jagland.

“We need to consider whether Europe is better and safer if Russia remains by itself, outside of the legal system of Europe? For me it is a very sensitive issue,” – said Jagland.

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