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Rossm accused the US of preparing sarin provocations in Idlib

РосСМИ обвинили США в подготовке зариновой провокации в ИдлибеRussia has accused the US of preparing a terrible attack.

Terrorists from the group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”* store in a warehouse in Idlib preparing provocations with the use of sarin in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun and Kefraya, said Sunday RIA Novosti informed military-diplomatic source.

“According to information received, in the village of al-Magar (Idlib) in the premises of a large engineering building preparations for the organization of the provocation with the use of a chemical agent, “sarin”. In this warehouse are presumably the ammunition filled it with poison gas,” he said.
The spokesman added that for the preparation of provocations in Idlib came a group of foreign citizens, including the US and Turkey, as well as one of the leaders of “al-Nusra”.

“There is reason to believe that this provocation will be implemented in the towns of Khan Shaykhun and Kefraya. Her goal is to discredit the government of Syria and the failure of negotiations in Astana, scheduled for 4-5 July,” the source added.

Syrian opposition April 4, said about 80 victims of the attacks using chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib province and 200 wounded. The culprit of the attack, she called the Syrian government troops, who in reply strongly rejected the accusations and blamed on militants and their patrons. Syrian authorities have stated that they never used chemical weapons against civilians and terrorists, and the entire chemical Arsenal of the country was taken under control of the OPCW.

The USA, showing evidence against the Syrian military and not listening to Russia’s call for a thorough investigation, struck the base of Shirt on the night of 7 April. According to the Pentagon, was released 59 cruise missiles.

As stated earlier, the President of Syria Bashar Assad in interview to RIA Novosti, no chemical attack was not, and was a provocation to justify the attack on the airbase Shirt.

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