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ROC called Darwin’s theory “completely unscientific” in comparison with biblical teaching

В РПЦ назвали теорию Дарвина «совершенно ненаучной» по сравнению с библейским учением

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, head of the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov said that the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin’s “completely unscientific”.

This statement was made at the conference “Family and family values of the traditional religions of Russia”. Smirnov expressed confidence that modern science “has nothing to offer, except that we monkey children.”

“It is an unscientific theory, which is absolutely not confirmed… [it] either to accept biblical teaching, or to continue to fool around in all the public schools of the globe, that, in fact, modern science tries to do,” he said.

Charles Darwin was not the discoverer of evolution, however, has established a number of key factors, which are subsequently confirmed. The most popular theses against his theory, were formulated in the late 19th century and are based on the positions of creationism, which is generally not regarded as a scientific theory. With the advent of ways to conduct a genetic study has found that the genomes of chimpanzees and humans match of 96%, which confirms that they have a common ancestor.

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