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Robert Zemeckis launches a series about the real encounters of people with UFOs

The series will be called “Blue book” (Blue Book) in honor of the homonymous project of the U.S. air force, designed to unite and thoroughly investigate all available data about the appearance of unidentified flying objects, and to assess the possible threat to national security. The show will also rely on the facts, his stream will the History channel, and the head of all will himself Robert Zemeckis.

We will remind, in the record of the Director are not only such cult (and the magnitude of this cult can compete with real religious cults like Christianity or Islam) films as “Forrest Gump” and the trilogy “Back to the future”, but also a wonderful science fiction film “Contact” 1997. I mean, what Zemeckis has already addressed the topic of extraterrestrial intelligence, and it is alien to him.

Here’s what he says about the “Blue book”:

Rarely I was involved with a project that would have been so perfect alloy historicity and extraordinary entertaining. We are grateful for the support of Studio A+E and History channel for what I’m sure will be a legendary series.

In addition, Paul Buccieri, President of Studio A+E occupied by the production of the show, explains:

“Blue book” inspired these previously classified the events of that era in American history that is shrouded in mystery. Robert Zemeckis and creative team has created an incredibly compelling story, drawing on the unique history and documented facts.

It seems, really is coming to something interesting, huh?

Well, finally attached the official synopsis of the project:

The protagonist of the series — Dr. John. Allen Hynek, a brilliant Professor at an elite University, recruited by the U.S. air force to lead a covert operation, during which will be studied thousands of cases of UFO sightings. Many of them have not been explained. Each episode starts from real cases, combining theories of ufologists with authentic historical events one of the most enigmatic epochs in the history of the United States.

By the way, Joseph Allen Hynek also very real. The eminent astronomer, he worked on U.S. government projects “Sain” and “Blue book”, and after closing the last continued the study of the problem, founding in Chicago, the organization Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). Initially, Hynek was skeptical about any UFO reports, his task, he saw debunking myths about “flying saucers”, but over time, his position ceased to be so categorical, remaining, however, within science.

So expect ads, but when Zemeckis will reveal to us this mysterious “Blue book”.

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