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Road Thriller of Stephen king and Joe hill filmed

What a long time we had no news about the novels of Stephen king actually, no. King of Horror to some extent can be called the King of Canadaplace. His work is regularly form the basis for movies or TV shows, and, it seems, the pipeline will not stop. On the horizon there was another project in Hollywood decided to film the story of king “Speed” (Throttle), written in collaboration with son Joe hill.

Officially, in Russian the novel was not published, but walks several translations (including under the names “Gaza”, “Full throttle”). It was first published in 2009 in the anthology “He Is Legend”, dedicated as you might guess from the name, Richard Matheson. A tribute to the Maestro gave such authors as Ramsey Campbell, Joe Lansdale , and John Shirley. Because it’s still a tribute, with originality no one pursued. “Speed” in common with “Duel” of Matheson – the story, which put the eponymous film by Steven Spielberg. But king and hill would be the other names if I just wrote the entrance fanfic. Oh no. These guys have approached to business with all responsibility and have given joy to the fans of the convex of the road Thriller with a fair share of movies. From the beginning the reader is immersed in the atmosphere of the desert, feeling the heat of the asphalt, hear the groaning of motorcycles. And then sees a gang of bikers racing on the highway a huge truck. Crime, Thriller, classic road story, the sinister figure of the truck driver – all of this you can find in the story. We should also mention the fact that the main characters were forever gnawing the father and the son. It’s tempting to assume that their complicated relationship, king and hill partly could write yourself.

The film rights were acquired by A Bigger Boat Productions in the face of producer Emile Gladstone. The script will be written by John Scott 3, who worked on “Infected” (Maggie) Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. Other news about the creators yet.

Interestingly, a couple of years ago, information appeared about the film adaptation of another novel of king and hill’s – “tall grass” (In the Tall Grass). And the film had Vincenzo Natali (“Cube”, “Limb”, “Chimera”). Since then, it no hearing, nor spirit. Alas. Let’s hope that the new project will have better luck. Although at least one additional embodiment of “Speed” has received: it formed the basis of the eponymous graphic novel. The book “Road rage” came from the us in 2015 in the AST and in addition to the “Speed” included a graphic novelization of the same “Duel” of Matheson. In fact, lacking only the film adaptation. Wait.

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