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“Rendel”: a dark superhero movie (TRAILER)

Don’t worry, we are not talking about the Assembly line blockbusters from Marvel or DC.

“Rendel” (Rendel) is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book, created by Finnish author Jesse, Haa. Interestingly, a film the Creator of the character.

On the one hand, it’s some kind of Batman for the poor. On the other — looks-cheerful, gloomy and generally why not?

Hoa came up with Randall, as a teenager, so surprised by the secondary hero is not worth it. Yes, outwardly, he looks like a mix of the Dark knight and Spawn minus the Cape and chains. Much later, becoming the successful owner of an advertising company and celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Haa decided to film their offspring. Careful thought about the short film soon turned into a project of great stylish Thriller with a swing at the Cannes film festival. And in 2015, the project really has been there before and then he was joined by producer and screenwriter Pekka Lehtosaari, on account of which scripts to multiple thrillers (including “the lake” 2011).

“Rendel” got a new life and a new film so soon again to face the critics at Cannes.

The synopsis of the film does not Shine with originality, but it nothing special and not needed:

World Corporation VALA launches into the market untested vaccine called Nh25, bribing, threatening and physically eliminating every official trying to protest. And then comes the dark avenger known as Rendel. He’s having a real hell for corporations, trying to stop the proliferation of Nh25. Blood flows, incomes are falling, and the Corporation makes his move, picking up a group of mercenaries to eliminate Randall forever.

Judging by the trailer, we are waiting for the kind of gloom, fights, guns, and epic. And, you know, the video really drags! I have revised it twice and want to see this movie.

Particularly pleased with the presence of actress Bianca Brady, known for fit Australian zombie movie “Wormwood: Road of the dead” and we recently saw her for the first in space teaser “Vaylent Starr”. In addition, in the “Rendel” light up experienced actor Matti Onnismaa, known for criminal franchise “Vares”, and Sheila Shah, who made her debut in “Saw 5”. Well, the avenger will play Christopher Humerus.

Well, let’s wait for reviews from the Cannes film festival and possibly news about the release of “Randall” for a wide range of audience.

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